The Radiopharmaceutical industry leader in Korea
A fast growing biotech company with proven records

What we have done and where we are

Developing new Radiopharmaceuticals for cancer diagnosis and treatment

The core of the industry is providing competitive research technology proven by the optimized radiochemical yield.

  • The Top

    Top sales in every product line in Korea

  • The First

    The first Korean company to export

  • The Largest

    The largest product portfolio and pipeline in the country

  • The Only

    The only developer of GEP-NET Therapeutic Radiopharmaceutical in Korea

  • Stable

    Stable and largest
    RP-manufacturing network in Korea

  • Representative

    Representative Radiopharmaceutical company in Korea

Radiopharmaceutical specialized ‘Open Innovation’ platform

Development of new drugs with competitive technology proven by the optimized
Radiochemical yield, achieving successful commercialization

Creating virtuous cycle

As a result
  • Leading Radiopharmaceutical industry
  • Building up of global network
  • Developing and licensing new drugs

Competitive Advantages in Business-driven Intellectual Properties

Intellectual Properties of DCB

Patent/Trademark Patents Trademark Remarks
23 Domestic International Domestic PCT Application
: 5
Pending Registered Pending Registered Pending Registered
Total - 23 4 26 - 1

Market Share (%)

First-mover and No.1 in market share in each product

  • FDG

    0 %
  • FP-CIT

    0 %
  • Vizamyl

    0 %

(Source: MFDS “Integrated Information System”, 2020)

Greetings from DuChemBio CEO

The passion to challenge a new market
where everything is a beginning!
With our experience in Korea,
we will pursue the passion in Southeast Asia

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