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Greetings from CEO

회장 김영배

Greetings from Young-Bae Kim,
Chairman of DuChemBio Co., Ltd.

"Last to enter, now one and only in Korea"

  DCB has grown to be a leading Radiopharmaceutical company in Korea for 10 years despite its late entry to the market. With forward-looking investments in new drug development and manufacturing technology, DCB now has a larger new drug pipeline and better export performance than its domestic competitors.

Internationally, DCB has already entered The Philippine market as a commercially unique company showing great performance. Now, it is planning to advance into other East Asian markets with its rich portfolio of established and new Radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and treatment.

From my successful experience in the pharmaceutical market for the past 50 years, I am convinced that DCB has a full potential to become one of the world leaders in the global Radiopharmaceutical industry. Firmly based on its continued investments in R&D and radio-pharmacy networks, DCB promises to show a sustainable growth as a leading biotech company in Korea and the Asia-Pacific region.

Young-Bae Kim, Chairman of DuChemBio Co., Ltd.

대표이사 김종우

Greetings from Jong-Woo Kim,
CEO of DuChemBio Co., Ltd.

Extending deep gratitude to our customers and
shareholders who have continuously supported

“Ceaselessly Securing Manufacturing Technologies”

The Radiopharmaceutical industry is clearly distinguished from other pharmaceutical businesses, particularly in terms of manufacturing technology. Highly efficient and reproducible processes are the key to success to overcome the short ‘active’ half-life (minutes to a few hours only) of most radio-tracers.
Despite its short history and yet small-scale stage, the Radiopharmaceutical industry in Korea is expected to grow rapidly employing targeted molecular compounds with differentiated radioactive isotopes for better diagnosis and more effective treatments

“Differentiated Biotech Company”

DCB was a late comer, but now is the leader in Korea’s Radiopharmaceutical market. DCB offers a wide portfolio of first-in-class radiopharmaceuticals in the field of neurology and oncology with continuous participation in the development of best-in-class radiopharmaceuticals for the treatment of devastating diseases thereby promising a significant increase in DCB’s revenue. We invite you to witness our growth as a successful biotech company founded on innovative Radiopharmaceuticals and advanced technologies.

Jong-Woo Kim, CEO of DuChemBio Co., Ltd.

Welcome to DuChemBio
As a leading Radiopharmaceutical company in Korea, we are looking forward to meeting you in the world beyond Korea.

Jaeki Park, SVP Sales & Marketing of DuChemBio Co., Ltd.

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