The Radiopharmaceutical industry leader in Korea
A fast growing biotech company with proven records

Radiopharmaceutical Production Center and GMP Ceritification

Manufacturing facilities, key to the development and marketing of new Radiopharmaceuticals
(the largest number in the country)

No.1 supplier of PET radiopharmaceuticals in South Korea

Successful set-up of 12 radio-pharmacy facilities (6 GMP certified)

듀켐바이오 방사성의약품센터 지도 듀켐바이오 방사성의약품센터 지도

Radiopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

Address 6,7F, 81, Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea [04041]
Tel 02 332 4868 Fax 02 323 3437

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