The world’s first manufacturer of O-18 water
using optical fiber laser

DuChemBio Research Institute

World’s No.1 Technology to Manufacture O-17 & O-18 Water

  • O-18 water: the essential ingredient of Radiopharmaceuticals
    1. Replacement of once exclusively imported materials
      (successful localization of key materials)
    2. Aiming at international markets using cost competitiveness

Global O-18 Water Market

General production methods
- Water distillation: Isotopes of Oxygen are separated according to the different vapor pressure of Oxygen isotopes (USA, Israel, Russia, China)
- Cryogenic distillation: distillation of liquid oxygen at minus 183 ℃ (Japan)
Global Market Trend of O-18 Water
- World market size: approximately 350 billion KRW / Korean domestic market size: over 4 billion KRW ※Source: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol. 1099, 012002 (2018) Production of stable isotopes of light elements
- Prices: 100,000 ~ 40,000 KRW/gram (high price elasticity depending on supply)
- Oversupply due to Japan's rapid production increase.

Holding technology

DCB institute: KAERI (40%) & DCB (60%) joint venture
KAERI ALSIS (Advanced Laser Stable Isotope Separation) technology to extract O-18 water using optical fiber laser)
O-18 Water Manufacturing Process Diagram

Fiber Laser System

Wavelength Converters

Advantages of O-18 Water Production Using Advanced Laser Technology

Division Existing Manufacturer DuChemBio Research
Production Technique distillation Selective separation of specific isotopes using fiber lasers
Production cost About $30/g Significantly lower
Production (start-up time) 6 mos~24 mos Within hours
Market response Flexible response Flexible response

Future progress

Secure manufacturing facilities and supply agreement based on the strategic partnership with global partners

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