The Radiopharmaceutical industry leader in Korea
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Considering winner takes-it-all in the Radiopharmaceutical industry,
early market penetration into Southeast Asia can be additional challenging opportunity for DuChemBio .


- The first commercial cyclotron since 2015 plus 8 more additional PET/CT machines
- The leader in Philippine Radiopharmaceutical market for PET/CT imaging, takes up 95% of the market share in the Philippines.
  • 2020 10. 7-year supply agreement with Mary Mediatrics Medical Center(MMMC) (Lipa City Batangas)
    01. 12-year supply agreement with Medical Center Manila(MCM) (Manila)
  • 2019 11. Neuraceq, Radiopharmaceutical diagnostic agent for Alzheimer’s disease, to be manufactured and released into the market
    10. Long-term supply agreement with Makati Medical Center in progress, the largest private hospital in Philippines
    07. Conclusion of contract with DuChemBio for the contract manufacturing of FP-CIT & F-DOPA
    07. Production commencement of F18-PSMA, Radiopharmaceutical diagnostic agent for prostate cancer
    07. Conclusion of exclusive agreement with The Medical City (TMC) for a long-term FDG supply
  • 2018 07. Signing of a 5-year contract with iSCAN Center for FDG
    05. Signing of a 5-year contract of FDG supply for Centuria Makati PET-CT Center
  • 2017 05. First commercial production of FCH, Radiopharmaceutical diagnostic agent for prostate cancer
    03. Signing of a 5-year contract of FDG supply with Cardinal Santos Medical Center
    01. Signing of a 10-year contract of FDG supply with Angeles University Foundation Medical Center
  • 2015 11. Commencement of FDG sales and collaborative operation with National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI)
    09. Cyclotron installation and commencement of FDG production
  • 2013 08. Contract for collaborative operation with NKTI, a national hospital in the Philippines
    03. Established KHealth in Manila, DCB’s subsidiary corporation in the Philippines

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