The Radiopharmaceutical industry leader in Korea
A fast growing biotech company with proven records

Considering winner takes-it-all in the Radiopharmaceutical industry,
early market penetration into Southeast Asia can be additional challenging opportunity for DuChemBio .


- The first commercial cyclotron since 2015 plus 8 more additional PET/CT machines

- The leader in Philippine Radiopharmaceutical market for PET/CT imaging, takes up 95% of the market share in the Philippines.

  • 2019 11. Neuraceq, Radiopharmaceutical diagnostic agent for Alzheimer’s disease, to be manufactured and released into the market
    10. Long-term supply agreement with Makati Medical Center in progress, the largest private hospital in Philippines
    07. Conclusion of contract with KHealth, DCB’s subsidiary company in the Philippines, for the contract manufacturing of FP-CIT and F-DOPA
    07. Production commencement of F18-PSMA, Radiopharmaceutical diagnostic agent for prostate cancer
    07. Conclusion of exclusive agreement with The Medical City (TMC) for a long-term FDG supply
  • 2018 07. Signing of a 5-year contract with iSCAN Center for FDG
    05. Signing of a 5-year contract of FDG supply for Centuria Makati PET-CT Center
  • 2017 05. First commercial production of FCH, Radiopharmaceutical diagnostic agent for prostate cancer
    03. Signing of a 5-year contract of FDG supply with Cardinal Santos Medical Center
    01. Signing of a 10-year contract of FDG supply with Angeles University Foundation Medical Center
  • 2015 11. Commencement of FDG sales and collaborative operation with National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI)
    09. Cyclotron installation and commencement of FDG production
  • 2013 08. Contract for collaborative operation with NKTI, a national hospital in the Philippines
    03. Established KHealth in Manila, DCB’s subsidiary corporation in the Philippines

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