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RP Manufacturing related Equipment

  • No consumable required → no additional cost
  • Dual-Vial Distribution system
  • A selection of different syringe capacities (1cc, 3cc, 5cc)

Differentiating Advantages

A dual-type, automated distribution system set that divides PET RP agent in a vial into multiple syringes.

Dual-Vial individual distribution
Dual-Vial Shield of a 180-degree rotation / distribution in individual vials
Dose Calibrator Quality Control
Correcting radionuclide added for daily Quality Control
Timer Setting
Increased job efficiency using automatic start at a programmed time
Radiation dosimetry after use
Measuring the residual radiation from the syringe after injection
Automatic calculation of radiation and distribution
Instant calculation of dosage (mCi) and distribution according to the patient’s weight.
Accurate distribution
Correcting the error within the tolerance range

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